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The world’s first plug-in hybrid car – and why it failed

Richard Bremner looks back at the General Motors disaster that was the Chevrolet Volt

MG XPower SV: the supercar that failed to save MG Rover

We take a look at the bizarre affordable MG supercar styled by McLaren F1 designer Peter Stevens

Fiat Croma: the ‘wrong kind of crossover’ styled by Giugiaro

Fiat withdrew the Croma from the UK just two years after its 2005 launch. Richard Bremner investigates...

Alfa Romeo 156: the car that failed to take on the BMW 3 Series

Alfa's three-box saloon was a head-turner when it came out in 1997 and sales were fairly buoyant. Where did it all go wrong?

Renault trumped! Why the Wind failed to set sail

The Renault Wind was a curio that failed to escape the axe when Renault streamlined its line-up in 2012

Austin 1800: the ‘big Mini’ that helped break the British car industry

At its peak, just 40,000 ADO17s were sold a year – miserably short of its predicted 200,000

Lotus Europa: why the ‘softer’ Elise failed to win buyers

Lotus only sold 458 of its Elise-based Europa during its four years on sale

Caterham 21: has the sports car flop now come of age?

A Caterham 7 with added comfort: why was the Caterham 21 a Great Motoring Disaster?

Great Motoring Disasters: Sinclair C5

Sir Clive Sinclair's revolutionary vehicle for the masses wasn't quite the success its maker thought it ought to have been