Price guide values McLaren F1 at over £16m

McLaren F1 valued at 16m

You could own five examples of the new Gordon Murray Automotive T.50 for the price of one McLaren F1. That’s according to the latest Hagerty Price Guide.

It values the iconic McLaren F1 at over £16 million – substantially more than the T.50, which was unveiled yesterday.

McLaren F1 prices have been rising for a while. In 2006, the F1 was valued at slightly over its original asking price of £540,000. Two years later, the figure had trebled to £1.5 million.

By 2014, you’d need £5 million to secure the Gordon Murray-designed supercar.

A year later, Rowan Atkinson sold his McLaren F1 for £8 million, despite having crashed it twice. Even that looks like a bargain, though, with chassis number 44 selling for £12.1 million at the Bonhams Quail Lodge auction in 2017.

McLaren F1

Today, your biggest challenge, assuming you have the required funds, is to find a McLaren F1 for sale. Tom Hartley Jnr has one F1 for sale, the first of only 10 F1 GTR Longtail versions ever produced. The price, somewhat predictability, is available on request.

Last year, one of only two McLaren F1 cars modified by the factory to LM specification, sold for $19,805,000 (£15,120,000) at the RM Sotheby’s Monterey sale.

It had the highest specific output of its day, which was to give the F1 a top speed of over 230mph. A legend was born. The iconic McLaren F1 has been valued at over £16 million in the latest Hagerty Price Guide. This comes as Gordon Murray unveils his new T.50 supercar.

Despite the price tag, McLaren Cars never made a profit from the F1 road car. A total of 107 McLaren F1 cars were built, including 64 road cars, five prototypes and one spare road car shell.

Gordon Murray T.50 revealed

Gordon Murray T50

The T.50 is Gordon Murray’s 50th car in 50 years of automotive design. It’s also likely to be his last. What a way to bow out.

It weighs just 968kg, yet has a 3.9-litre Cosworth V12 engine producing 663hp without the use of a turbocharger. It revs to a dizzying 12,100rpm.

Like the F1, it has three seats, because Murray has no time for inconvenient supercars. To this end, the T.50 also boasts nearly as much luggage space as a Ford Fiesta. It’s a supercar you can you drive on a daily basis, if you have the money.

Just 100 will be built from 2022, priced from £2.8 million. A relative bargain in the context of the supercar Gordon Murray made earlier. Will the T.50 be held in the same regard as its illustrious ancestor? Time will tell, but it has big shoes to fill.

Read more about the Gordon Murray T.50 on Motoring Research.

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