We went to Majorca and all we saw was this lousy old Rover Streetwise

Rover StreetwiseA perk of the job we do is visiting some cool places to drive new cars. This week, it’s the new Subaru Impreza in Majorca. With Subaru moving away from its rally car roots, it’s no surprise (although no less disappointing) to find a shortage of gold wheels and big wings on the Impreza’s launch.

Despite this, you’d think the largest Balearic Island would be prime chod spotting territory. Surely, a battered Seat Ibiza here, maybe an old Renault 4 there.

Yes, we’ve seen a few rusting old heaps, but it would seem the British influence on the island stretches to its cars (more than 12 million tourists fly here every year, with Brits the second most frequent visitor behind the Germans). The most interesting vehicle we’ve spotted within 24 hours of being on the island? This old Rover Streetwise.

Produced for just two years, you could argue the Rover 25-based ‘urban on-roader’ was ahead of its time. It came before the likes of the Qashqai, boasting large black bumpers and a slightly higher ride height. Unlike the Impreza we’re driving today, however, no four-wheel-drive system.

Still, with the potholed roads of Majorca, we can see the appeal of the Rover Streetwise. Besides, in a country that doesn’t have roads covered in salt every winter, this one looks to be in rather good condition. A few dents aside, of course – parking is a contact sport here.

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