Porsche now offers an official tracker for classic vehicles

Porsche 944

Aftermarket trackers are a worthwhile modification for older vehicles. Not only do they offer extra peace of mind in case someone should ever steal your pride and joy, they can also reduce your insurance premium.

If you’ve got a classic Porsche, the manufacturer has just announced its new Porsche Classic Vehicle Tracking System. This is tailored for different models, from the 356 to Carrera GT, using sensors hidden within your vehicle to raise the alarm if it’s moved by anyone but the owner.

The system allows you to monitor your car using an app on your phone. This will notify you if the car’s battery is disconnected or if it detects that the car is being stolen. If the owner confirms when prompted that the car’s been stolen, the relevant authorities are then informed.

You’ll be able to track the position of the car using the app and you can even trigger an immobiliser, preventing the car from being restarted. The app will inform you of any updates from the authorities: ideal if you’re abroad and don’t speak the same language as the local police.

Other clever features include the ‘geofence’ function. This can define boundaries that the vehicle is not allowed to cross – ideal if you’re lending the car to someone else. If it does cross these boundaries, the app raises an alarm. A similar function can also set limits for the speed of the vehicle.

A ‘workshop’ mode deactivates the alarm when the battery is removed, while a ‘transport’ mode disables notifications when your classic Porsche is loaded onto a car trailer.

Prices are yet to be confirmed for the Porsche Classic Vehicle Tracking System, which can be installed at Porsche Centre across Europe from spring 2018.

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