These dealers are now authorised to work on your retro Ferrari

These Ferrari dealers are now authorised to work on your classic car

If you’ve got a classic Ferrari, you’ll only want the best mechanics to work on it. Ferrari has awarded 48 of its dealers around the world ‘Officina’ status, meaning they’re authorised to implement Ferrari Classiche certification and maintain Ferraris over 20 years old.

Ferrari Classiche was established in 2006 and issues a certificate of authority to confirm cars have been maintained to the Maranello firm’s own high standards, and that the paperwork is all factually correct. Now, 48 dealers across 20 different countries worldwide have been granted Ferrari Classiche status – including nine in the UK.

Each Ferrari Classiche Officina will have a dedicated workshop ramp for older vehicles along with a suitably-qualified Ferrari Classiche Service Technician working exclusively on classic Ferraris.

This will ensure the maintenance of the car’s value through the Classiche Certification process, says Ferrari, while safeguarding the technical heritage of the brand.

The Ferrari Classiche Officina centres will have the full support of the Classiche head office, based at the Ferrari factory in Maranello, while any reconstruction of major parts of components will be carried out at the factory.

The following Ferrari dealers in the UK have been nominated as Ferrari Classiche Authorised Workshops:

  • Dick Lovett, Swindon
  • Graypaul, Nottingham
  • HR Owen, London
  • JCT600, Leeds
  • Joe Macari, Wandsworth
  • Lancaster, Colchester
  • Maranello Service, Egham
  • Meridien Modena, Lyndhurst
  • Stratstone, Manchester

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