These are the modern classics you should buy as an investment

Revealed: the 10 modern classics guaranteed to go up in value

When a man calls Clive offers you financial advice, it’s probably worth listening to. When that man is Clive Wilson, the Black Book editor for Cap HPI, it’s definitely worth listening to. Why? Because Cap HPI is a company that specialises in valuing cars and, on this occasion, the financial advice refers to which cars you should be spending money on now.

“Classic cars have shot up in value over the last few years and in many cases represent a great investment opportunity,” said Clive.

“Classics in particular are snapped up by collectors and enthusiasts, so prices are constantly on the rise. The trick is how best to spot trends before they take place and maybe even try to redefine what is actually recognised as a classic.

“Future classics don’t necessarily have to be decades old, luxurious or expensive to begin with. Values of the Vauxhall VX220 and Westfield sportscar have risen consistently over the past few years and are worth keeping an eye on, as we believe they will continue to rise in value.”

Yes, Clive ‘the motoring expert’ Wilson is advising that we should be investing in the likes of Vauxhall VX220s and Westfields. That’s advice we can get behind.

The 10 cars Clive says you should buy now

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