This ‘Rambo Lambo’ puts the Urus super-SUV to shame

Lamborghini LM002

You might think the new Lamborghini Urus ‘super-SUV’ is a first for the Italian supercar manufacturer, but it has built an off-roader in the past.

In the late 70s, the Italian carmaker set out to build a military vehicle using a rear-mounted Chrysler V8 engine. The prototype, named the ‘Cheetah’, failed to impress the military, and never even reached the testing stage. Another prototype followed in the form of the LM001, powered by an AMC V8, but this was also found to have unfavourable handling characteristics.

The Lamborghini LM002 followed with an entirely new chassis and a V12 engine from the Countach mounted up front. The production model was revealed at the 1986 Brussels Motor Show, dubbed the ‘Rambo Lambo’. Although intended for the military, civilians were able to buy LM002s with a full luxury package including leather seats, air con and a premium sound system. All LM002s came with a massive 290-litre fuel tank – perfect for crossing deserts, if it weren’t for the single-figure fuel economy.

Production ceased in 1992 after 301 examples were built. You could argue the LM002 was simply ahead of its time, as manufacturers continue to fall over themselves in a bid to launch luxury, fast SUVs.

The example pictured here is on display all weekend at the London Classic Car Show. It’ll be given regular runs up and down the Grand Avenue, allowing visitors to enjoy the noise of the V12 engine. We hate to imagine the fuel bills…

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