Drive a classic car in Scotland? You’re officially less likely to crash

Drive a classic car in Scotland? You're officially less likely to crash

If you drive a classic car and want cheap insurance, it might be time to move to Scotland.

Specialist insurer ClassicLine has revealed that six out of 10 postcodes for the lowest number of crashes involving classic vehicles are in Scotland. The firm says postcodes covering Dundee, Paisley, Kilmarnock, Galashiels, Kirkcaldy and Aberdeen are all considered low risk.

In England, the south-west fares well, with Devon and Cornwall both name-checked by the company. In Wales, the Llandudno postcode is where classic car drivers are the least likely to be involved in a smash.

Admittedly, none of this data is a huge surprise. Rural areas with low populations are safer for classic cars – in terms of accidents, anyway. The company doesn’t mention how many cars are stolen in these areas.

“Each motoring accident claim has its own unique circumstances,” said ClassicLine’s managing director, Ian Fray.

“However, our data suggests that you are less likely to suffer a motoring accident in certain parts of Scotland and the south-west of England.”

Care to guess where classic car owners are most likely to suffer a prang? Yes… in London, with ClassicLine identifying NW, N, E and W postcodes as the worst. Isn’t that, erm, most of them?

London aside, classic car drivers in Halifax, Sunderland, Watford and Liverpool feature the highest accident frequency.

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