Volkswagen is celebrating the Corrado’s 30th birthday

Volkswagen Corrado

2018 seems to be the year of anniversary celebrations: the Ford Escort, Land Rover Defender and Citroen 2CV to name a few. But – and be prepared to feel old here – the Volkswagen Corrado is also hitting the milestone age of 30 this year.

To celebrate, Volkswagen has made its debut appearance at the Bremen Classic Motor Show in Germany with two rare Corrado models. The show, which claims to mark the start of the classic car season, attracts visitors from across Germany and further afield.

Volkswagen Classic’s stand in hall 5 will feature a prototype Corrado with a 210hp 16V G60 engine. Like all Corrados, the 210hp G60 was produced by Karmann at its Osnabrück works. Revealed in 1989, the prototype model later became part of Volkswagen Classic’s collection in Germany.

The second exhibit is the final left-hand-drive Corrado to leave the production line: a 190hp VR6 in green pearl-effect paint, completed on 6 July 1995.

Volkswagen Classic produces new parts for classic VWs, and will have a range of spare parts for Corrados on display – including a wide variety of stock from model lettering to an entire side panel.

Initially planned as a successor to the Scirocco, the 2+2 Corrado was launched in 1988. The second-generation Scirocco continued to be sold alongside the Carrodo until 1992, while production of the Corrado ceased in 1995.

The Corrado was based on the second-generation Golf, with a torquey 1.8-litre four-cylinder engine combined with a G-Lader supercharger providing power at launch. Badged the ‘G60’, this engine produced 160hp as stock. A further two engines were added to the Corrado range in 1991 – a 2.0-litre four-cylinder and a desirable top-of-the-range VR6 producing 190hp.

In pictures: Volkswagen Corrado

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