Baby Bond: Aston Martin DB5 Junior hits 30mph and costs £42k

If your progeny dreams of being James Bond – and you have £42,000 to blow on a birthday present – Aston Martin has the answer.

The British marque has joined forces with The Little Car Company to create the DB5 Junior: an electric, two-thirds scale version of 007’s most iconic car.

A total of 1,059 DB5 Juniors are planned, to match the number of real DB5s built (so not counting the stunt cars based on E46 M3s, then). And yes, there’s even a Vantage version.

Grace, pace and race

Aston Martin DB5 Junior

The diddy DB5’s electric motor sends 5kW (6.8hp) to the rear wheels, making it good for 30mph. Range is quoted as between 10 and 20 miles, depending on driving style.

Look underneath and you’ll find ventilated disc brakes all-round, plus double wishbone front suspension and a live axle at the rear – just like the real thing.

There are three drive modes: Novice, Expert and Race. The former limits power to 1kW (1.3hp) and top speed to 12mph. Expert mode unlocks the car’s full performance, while Race brings the DB5’s acceleration into line with other Little Car Company vehicles, ready for some friendly competition. 

Playing Connery (or Craig)

Aston Martin DB5 Junior

Each DB5 is painted in the Silver Birch colour immortalised by Bond, and features a black leather interior with black carpets. There’s even a usable boot for a carrying a picnic hamper or stashing your Walther PPK.

The two-thirds scale steering wheel detaches for easier entry/exit, while the throttle and brake pedals are made from billet aluminium. The working Smiths dials also look authentic, although the fuel gauge is now a battery meter.

The DB5 Junior has working headlights, indicators, brake lights and a horn. However, machine guns and revolving number plates aren’t on the options list.

Add Vantage 

Aston Martin DB5 Junior

As with the genuine DB5, there’s also a Vantage version of the Junior, with more performance and a higher price tag.

If you have a not-insignificant £54,000 to spare, this model boasts a hidden ‘missile switch’ that doubles power to 10kW (13.6hp). Top speed is unconfirmed. 

Every DB5 Junior buyer receives automatic membership of the Aston Martin Owners Club, and existing DB5 owners get first refusal. We’ll spend that £50k or so on a used V8 Vantage, thanks.


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